Who We Are

Play, Learn, Connect, Share.

Que Lo Que does not seek to eliminate poverty, halt hunger, or save the world; we simply try to understand our world from a perspective different than our own. In the rural village of Lajas, Dominican Republic we will live with families, share meals, and interview community members for two weeks of our summer. In these two weeks, we hope to grow as global citizens and be able to return to the US ready to make changes in our lives.

Our name says it all: “Que Lo Que.” In the Dominican, this translates to the informal greeting: “Hey, what’s up?” We hope to build relationships in the community through listening and observing. We will record the stories of the people and learn the values of the community during our time in Lajas.

After returning from the DR, we will share what we have learned with the Raleigh community. There are strengths unique to the community of Lajas that may go overlooked in our fast-paced, American culture. By highlighting these unique strengths in our presentations in Raleigh, we will learn something from the people of Lajas and progress toward our goal of retreading global citizenship.

The Team
Hunter Isgrig
Co-Founder/Director of Operations

I am a senior at North Carolina State University studying Integrative Physiology & Neuroscience. I play a role in developing the outreach education programs as well as research and administration.
Spring break of 2010 was my first trip to the Dominican Republic. I took a strong interest in the culture and customs and wanted to further my knowledge and relationship with what I had been introduced to.

Maria Gaudio
Head of Programs

I am a graduate student at Villanova University studying psychology. My research focuses on possible mediators of the gender difference in the prevalence of situational social anxiety.
I made my first trip to the Dominican Republic in the summer of 2010 and fell in love with the country and Dominican way of life. My favorite part of the experience was living in community with the people of Lajas, a small rural campo. I am very excited to return to the Dominican and work with the Que Lo Que team.

Brian Gaudio
President and Co-Founder

As an architecture student at North Carolina State University, I see creativity as a means to inspire progress. My current research focuses on evaluating and comparing established organizations’ methodologies of asset-based community development, participatory planning, and sustainable development, as applied to the Dominican Republic.
My first experience in the Dominican Republic during high school allowed me to mature and grow as an individual and citizen of the world. I have returned every year since 2007 to gain a better understanding the why I felt the way I did during my first experience. I will continue to work with the community of Lajas, DR until our joint program comes to fruition. I see these experiences as a way of life, and I hope to continue this path after graduation from NC State.

Drew Brisley

I am a graduate of North Carolina State University’s College of Design and currently pursuing a career in Biomedical Design. I initially got involved with Que Lo Que in 2010 with the inaugural trip to La Jas. I have a passion for connecting people of different backgrounds and cultures to encourage the exchange of knowledge and skills.